Home Inspection Report MS Word: Basic, Efficient and Just Right

- Tap the screen to fill in the fields, take photos using your device camera, then save the report. With the Word version, you’ll have a home inspection report document on your mobile screen the same as you would with a desktop or laptop. ..More

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Conquer the #1 Missed Roof Defect with This Home Inspection Checklist

- Home interiors have additional clues that point to water infiltration. Look for yellow or brown spots on the ceiling, loose drywall seam tape, warping, mold or mildew specks in ceiling corners and water stains streaking down the walls. Inspect the whole roof, not just the area directly above the ceiling or wall stain. Water can follow an unusual path. The location of the leak might not align with evidence inside the home. Gravity eventually takes over and water from a leak finds its way down. ..More

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Moving? Take Your Certified Home Inspector Business Along

- You may also need additional education or continuing education credits. If you’re a new home inspector, you may need to acquire more field hours under the supervision of a local inspector. ..More

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Be the Home Inspection Change You Want to See

- Some bad apples will always be around. But the more you and other home inspectors continue good work, the more customers will view the bad ones as an anomaly. Every home inspector has the opportunity to infuse the industry with integrity. ..More

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4 Reasons “As-Is” Sales Need a Home Inspection

- . Rich Duerkop of Ask the Inspector at the Leader Telegram says that’s partly because it’s possible to live in a house without knowing all of its problems. Just because the state requires a seller disclosure statement doesn’t mean it reveals everything. And some sellers omit defects that they think might become a deal breaker ..More

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